Olympian Ape

In this game, developed by 39 Games, you have to take part in a series of mini games that will test you hand-eye coordination and button pressing skills. Do you have what it takes to be a "World's Strongest Monkey"? Take part in multiple events to achieve points and compare them to other players in world to prove your primate prowess. There are no rooms for chimps in this Tournament of Champions, prove to the world that you are the King of the Ape Jungle.

The Color of the Leaves

World's Strongest Monkey's visuals are decent to say the least. While the graphics are not something to write home about, it is not necessarily bad also. The game uses the right amount of colors to show off the setting of the game and the designs portray the jungle denizens' appearance appropriately, meaning the ape looks like an ape and monkey looks like a monkey. The game is well animated, from your champion primate to the troop of adoring monkey fans, everything looks lively.

Some objects that are used during the game might benefit from some animations. Such as the bamboo used in the chin-up event could show some bending animations or the sand in the weight tossing event could have looked much better if it was disturbed when the iron weight fell on it.

The Sound of the Jungle

Like most flash games out there, World's Strongest Monkey does not offer much in terms of soundtrack and sound effects. During the game you will pretty much hear only three music tracks, a pre-event music, the music that plays during the actual event and the result track - which you will hear at the end of the game. We are not sure if there is a track if you become the champ and take first place since we have not yet defeated the current high score.

Despite the limited number of tracks though, the music provided was fitting in terms of providing the mood to the game. The music that plays during the competition even has hints from the music that hear from the classic boxing film - Rocky. This was actually fun to listen to since the game focuses on competing against others.

Go For Gold

The gameplay in World's Strongest Monkey involves competing in a series of competitive event to able to get the best score you can achieve. First, name your champion; there is a practice mode just in case a player wants to know what they are competing in first before tackling the actual events. Once all the score are tallied, you will the have the option to upload you score online to a leader board to know how your scored fared with other players from all over world.

The first event is a weight lifting competition. You basically have to press B and N button repeatedly and fast as you can to lift the barbell made of bananas. Your score is based on the total weight you have lifted in the two attempts provided. Setting the weight of the barbell your lifting for each attempt is crucial; you must be able to fully lift the weight before the timer count expires for the point to be counted

The second event is the chin up event. You have to press either the B or N button as the corresponding letter icon passes the screen and through the box in the middle for you to successfully perform a chin up. This event relies heavily on time since the speed of the letter boxes increases and you have to do more chin ups than you opponent by the end of the timer.

The third event involves throwing a one ton weight as far as you can. Press the B and N buttons rapidly to fill the strength bar then use the space bar to stop the arrow for the angle of the throw. The key to this event is the angle of the throw, not the speed of filling the strength. Time it carefully since you will get only one attempt at this event.

The fourth event is really tricky. It involves balancing two barrels as they get filled with bananas. Balance the barrels using B button of the right side and N button for the left. As bananas begin to fill the barrels, they will begin to tilt. Amongst all the events in World's Strongest Monkey, this was the one that gave us problems and was probably the one that cost us the gold medal.

On the fifth event, players must time their presses on the space bar to stop the moving indicator on the strength bar. The closest you are to stopping the moving indicator on the line markers at right end and left end side of the strength bar results to a stronger punch. This machine used in this event actually reminded us of a strength punching game found in video arcades.

The sixth and final event to determine the World's Strongest Monkey is a tree climbing contest. Your goal is to reach the top of the coconut tree as fast as you can. Players would have to input the corresponding button show to make their ape climb. This event uses the directional button. Pressing the wrong directional button will result in your monkey sliding a down, so players must take caution. You are competing against a rival monkey and the clock in this event.

The day has ended and the scores have been tallied. How did you fare against other champion monkeys from around the world? To know if you were able to bag any medals or better yet, if you got the elusive first place, upload your score online and check the leader board.

Award Ceremony

The World's Strongest Monkey is a fun yet all too simple game. It does not offer much is terms of strategy or puzzle solving. The lack of events in the games means that players will breeze through the game is just minutes. While competing against other people online to find out who gets to be named the World's Strongest Monkey seems appealing, the lack of variety in the gameplay hinders the game from being worthwhile. Recommendation for this game might not be high; still it did give us some amusement despite its short life span. Try it out since it does not take too much effort to play and take less the a few minutes to finish. Who knows? You might take home the gold medal we failed to acquire. For a game that strived to be the world's strongest, but sadly failed to take to home the gold. We award World's Strongest Monkey, a bronze medal - 79/100.