Bloons Super Monkey is yet another variation of the original Bloons games released by NinjaKiwi in February 2010. This is an action style shooter game wherein you have a Super Monkey who flies while throwing darts and other assorted weapons of destruction to pop the wave of balloons that keep coming at the Super Monkey. Here are some of the features that this all new expansion of the Bloons universe has to offer:

Up, Up and Away with the Game Play

This game is completely different from any other that has been released on the Bloons platform yet. However, it is certainly a game that could catch on and improve just like the Tower Defense versions did, from which it borrows most of its building blocks.

Most of the basic balloon types and upgrade types are the same as Bloons Tower Defense 4. You still have MOABs, porcelain balloons, pink and yellow balloons etc. The Super Monkey looks the same, although subsequent upgrades can change his appearance. This game has 5 different levels of increasing difficulty, with each level consisting of more and more waves. You can also win medals depending upon the number of balloons popped. Reaching the minimum number for a level allows you to go through to the next level as well as get a bronze medal. More balloons popped in that level will give you silver and gold medals plus point bonuses. You will also gain money when you pop balloons, and the more you pop the more money you get. You can use this money to upgrade your Super Monkey into what starts looking like an octopus eventually. You can attach tentacles to the Super Monkey to do to it what the latter Superman movies did to Superman, that is, ruin it for a generation of people who considered it the most amazing thing imaginable. Nah, just kidding. The Super Monkey looks amazing with all those pink beams surrounding him.

Here's the list and order of upgrades that you can follow in order to win the game and earn a decent bonus along the way. Of course, this in contingent on you having a mouse fast enough to keep track of where the balloon waves are coming from as well.

Start with the boomer first. This gives you a boomerang that will pop balloons and will work beside the darts that you were firing to begin with. Next, get the faster darts upgrade to double the speed at which the monkey fires the darts. After that, get the double boomer to double the number of boomerangs you throw. Next, get the heavy missile which will upgrade your boomerangs to, you guessed it, missiles. Then, get the twin missiles to double the number of missiles you shoot per turn. After that, get the twin darts upgrade so that your monkey puts both of his hands to throwing darts. Next, get missiles as smart as you are through the smart missiles upgrade which will make the missiles seek balloons instead of blowing up randomly. After that, get the quad missiles to quadruple your missile output. Do the same with your darts and get the quad darts upgrade. Follow that up with the extra speed upgrade to give new meaning to the word "Super". Put your monkey's eyes to the task next with the Laser vision upgrade. Get twin darts again to shoot even more lasers, this time along with the darts instead of just from the eyes. Then, having put both your arms and legs to throwing darts, put your tail and, err..., your face to putting the balloons through the ringer by throwing six darts at them at once with the triple twin upgrade.

Follow this up with death ray vision to deal death to the balloon invaders like you mean it. Next, grow an awesome pink tentacle (actually, ewww) that will lash out at passing balloons to pop them. Double the tentacles with the double plasma upgrade. Start popping balloons through pure creepiness by growing a third tentacle with the three way plasma upgrade. Begin to resemble an anime monster with the quad plasma upgrade to quadruple your tentacles. Start resembling a pink sun (that's a huge jump!) after you get the Super Plasma upgrade and win the game.

As for additional tips, make sure you focus on the clumps of balloons that you'll get in the latter stages, and latch onto the MOABs and sit on top of them with your tentacles as soon as they appear on the screen. You should be good to go with all of that.

Do the visuals hold up?

Graphics are the same as Bloons TD 4; polished with fancier backgrounds than the original Bloons games. Audio consists of a racy number that doesn't go with the game and is completely unnecessary. It really is very hard to work out why the developers felt the need to add music. It only lags the game on slower computers and adds a factor that people are bound to develop negative opinions about eventually.

In Conclusion

NinjaKiwi might have stumbled on to the next big thing in the Bloons universe with Bloons Super Monkey. It's a very enjoyable game that really doesn't disappoint at all unless you're looking for an exceptionally hard challenge. The difficulty could be ramped up a tiny bit to match the upgrades especially towards the end, but that and the gripe about the audio aside, this is, quite simply, a very fun game.